Thursday, 5 March 2009

This Year's Must Read

Am just a chapter in myself although as usual skimmed ahead. It's at least as shocking as the Revenge of Gaia, beautifully written, controversial and while very grim in places, also humane and uplifting too. Mainly we all do need a big dose of smelling salts every once in a while - this isnt a career it's about a world careering out of control. Also puts any idea that 'the recession' is a real problem in perspective. And this book is a real kick up the backside to get on with whatever could or can be done, whether you agree with Lovelock that we are already over the edge, or just on the brink. It helps peel away levels of change resistance (eg I have been wondering if what he means by business as usual might better simply be described as 'business' ) Now all I need to do is make sure the new book treatment that I am working on lives up to this sort of magnitude of challenge! :J

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