Thursday, 4 December 2008


Just discovered reading while Peter Senge's book (The Necessary Revolution which is quite brilliant by the way so far) why I was so wrong to assume all biofuels are bad - reading about the Swedish approach using pulp (eg woodchip waste from forestry). Goran Carstedt had told me some months ago that I was basically just repeating the evil lies spread by the oil industry to suppress this rival. Now I see why and I do admit I could have been quite wrong on this - need to investigate further.

Also found out last few days that only 40% of China's industrial output is exports - quite high still but also does raise questions about my argument that 'they are our factories' when it comes to accepting responsibility and not passing the buck to China. Net imports of carbon are still the biggest single item in the UK consumerised footprint. But again I need to understand China better.

It's humbling to be quite so wrong on such basic stuff but also encouraging that it's possible to keep learning.

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