Thursday, 6 November 2008

Do You Ooffoo?

Many of you know I am a big fan of using web 2.0 type technology to enable sharing, barter and all that good stuff. Well now Natural Collection have launched a site called Ooffoo to do all that and more...
Here's the Scoop from Al Tepper (who many of you know of course already as 'The City Hippy' in his former role as chief blogger on the ecologist site, one of the first green bloggers certainly that I ever came across, and was generally one of the pioneers of green marketing meets web 2.0, before either were even called that. Plus he organises smile mobs on the London tube)...

Hello Folks

Our brand new community site, ooffoo, has just gone live.

What can ooffoo do for you right now, FREE OF CHARGE?

On ooffoo it's FREE (using free classifieds and articles/blogs) to promote your businesses, events, programs, organisations, activities and services AND swap, sell, give away, recycle, trade, share ideas, tips, recipes and much more.

You can just come on in, have a good browse around, check out the homepage vote, maybe post a comment or two if you find an article that inspires you, and be a part of a unique and positive community.


If you blog or have helpful articles you have always wanted to write then get into ooffoo and be heard by a very dedicated eco audience.

If you have eco products or services to offer then come on in take a free classified (or a sponsored classified if you want to pack more punch) and even add valuable articles & blogs to start building up your 'ooffoo footprint'.

To get started simply visit this link:

Note: if you have a Natural Collection username and password then use that to log in to ooffoo

So go on...ooffoo something today!

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback of course...



P.S. Feel free to spread the word and forward to others of course...

P.P.S Two great competitions to celebrate the birth of ooffoo:

1) Win £500 and the proud title of ‘ooffoo Laureate 2008’.

2) Each month the article, blog or listing that best represents the spirit of the ooffoo community will win a £50 Natural Collection shopping spree.

Find out more about both of these competitions via the homepage

P.P.P.S. Big Up The Hub
When adding a listing or article be sure to use the tag 'The Hub' to ensure your contributions all help to big up The Hub throughout ooffoo of course.

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Al Tepper said...

Hey John

Thanks for that! Am humbled by your kind words...