Friday, 19 September 2008

Strange Portents

Via cbeebies which also explains very well what an upside down rainbow is and why it is rare to see them outside the North Pole. Anyway it was a striking image placed amongst news of all the banking problems. It seemed to be saying at an unconscious level that our tortured earth - were she a person - would have to smile at the thought of an economic slowdown. Of course it is probably yet more evidence of global wierding and the harm we do. But it still made me smile.

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lee bazalgette said...

I was doing some Met Mast work for a wind turbine site up in Orkney one year, and while we were hanging around at 50m a squal of rain drove in. Since we were pretty much above the sun and the rain at that time of year (November) I got to see my first ever complete rainbow hoop - framing the other people working with us down on the ground. It was pretty magical!