Thursday, 11 September 2008

Green Wikia

Henrietta from GreenGirlsGlobal just told me about this - launched on Tuesday and already getting heavy site traffic. It's what we've been waiting for basically as Jimmy Wales explained"What we're doing is actually complementary to blogs in the sense that what blogs do is update you on a day-to-day basis. Also, blogs are engaged in political or other types of analysis, whereas a wiki becomes a touchpoint for the community, a place where people meet up and work on whatever the consensus is about a certain topic... Obviously we want this to be a large and successful community. I don't have milestones or targets. As long as there's a healthy community and people are having fun and producing something of value, I'm satisfied." It's great to see one socially positive realm (the free internet "as in free speech") connect with another like this. Meanwhile had a couple of encounters today with the real world green Denmark - at a business conference in Odense (thanks to Red Ink) and then dinner with people from the social entrepreneurial scene in Copenhagen working on a truly amazing collection of projects, from a world entrepreneurial event, to street level behaviour change. Even in a wiki world there is no substitute for spirited people, sharing ideas and stimulating company! All in all it's been a "gives you hope" sort of day :J

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