Monday, 28 July 2008

carbon retirement

obviously its high summer and any moments of time not spent working will be spent enjoying life

so there wont be all that much blogging although there wil be some because its such a good place to stash interesting stuff ive found, this post being a case in point

as a compromise i wont be using capital letters here for the next month or so

its sort of like being barefoot (which i also am doing as i write)


really fascinating new offsetting scheme from dan lewer (of inbalance) and friends

i've got a long train ride with jules peck on weds who wrote this article in the ecologist on what's wrong with offsetting in general, so i will have to quiz him on this one to see what he reckons

but my first impressions are that this might just be the world's first truly ethical offsetting scheme

in fact you could call it anti-offsetting; what it does is permanently retire eu credits so that "they are unavailable to the industries that would otherwise use them as rights to pollute. you buy emissions out of the system." obviously as their site says only offset what you cant reduce. or just buy out and retire credits for fun and forget the whole guilt trip thing.

speaking of creative offsetting in case anyone hasnt already seen it is brilliant in its own way too

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