Tuesday, 1 April 2008

More Fossil Fools Day Action

Today, April 1st was Fossil Fuels Day. On top of the Eveon launch (see post below) came this spoof apology outside a Porsche showroom: details from the press release as follows...

"As part of International Fossil Fools Day, climate change activists today delivered a mock apology on behalf of Porsche, highlighting the company’s blatant disregard for the environment.

There to receive the apology, to be delivered at 8.30am outside Porsche’s main London showroom in Berkeley Square, was an audience of protesting polar bears and Londoners.

The action comes on the back of Porsche’s demand to Ken Livingston to scrap plans for the higher £25 congestion charge for the worst gas guzzlers. The company is now seeking a Judicial Review for the decision to be overturned by the courts.

The activists apologised on Porsche’s behalf for:

Going against the will of 85% of Londoners by trying to overturn the planned extension of the congestion charge 1
Lobbying to stop the introduction of European initiatives to cap harmful vehicle emissions2
Continuing to produce true gas guzzlers, with 44 of its 46 models falling into the most polluting category of car (band G)

The apology was delivered by an activist pretending to be from the company. The polar bears were be on hand to remind Porsche that its actions affect our planet as a whole.

Richard Howlett, one of the activists involved, explained why they were targeting Porsche: “Taking legal action to prevent the mayor from tackling the climate crisis is pure fossil foolery. Companies like Porsche cannot claim to be green whilst crushing moves to tackle greenhouse emissions.

“We can only issue a mock apology on Porsche’s behalf, but it would be so much better if they were to offer a sincere one of their own”

The activists delivering the apology are from a group called London Climate Action, which grew out of the Climate Camp held at Heathrow in August 2007.

The Porsche action is only one of a hundred other events taking place across the globe to mark Fossil Fools Day. The aim of Fossil Fools Day is to emphasise the importance of acting on climate change, whilst also putting the spotlight on companies responsible for promoting false solutions to the challenge."

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