Tuesday, 18 March 2008

wise adage

just saving the link for future reference - actics in adage - they asked me and a bunch of other bloggers what we thought one key technology would be for marketers to pay heed to in 2008, I said actics because, well I guess you can read it over there, but do check Actics out yourself if you haven't already it's really lovely

declaration of interest: I met Nicolai from Actics a couple of times recently & may do some stuff with them in future (when he is back from writing a book about ethical economics) including introducing them to nice clients of mine with under-utilised communities... but only because I think they are great.

It's the only business I ever met who wrote a novelistic account of ethical behaviour to launch their idea (It's kind of Sophie's World meets Theodore Zeldin with a slab of HBR realism thrown in - oh and it's all based around a fairy tale) :J

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