Tuesday, 25 March 2008

"A top 20 UK marketing blog"

Apparently Greenormal is just that (number 20) according to this list based on the infamous Adage 'Power 150'. Only in advertising - the industry where awards flow like champagne at a gala dinner - could a 'power 150' list now have swollen to 650 blogs and counting. But anyway musnt grumble because I am way below 150 mark! So thanks to all my readers, to spinning around & all that. & I am linking to this to remind myself to check back because the next list is due April 1st and it will be a shame if the results aren't a bit fishy that day (in at 13, Katie Price's "SelfMarketingforMums"???) Bloggers just love rankings anyway, I must do a list soon of the 20 best green blogs in the world - actually it will be a bit like my blogroll but still... :J

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