Thursday, 27 March 2008

This is a MUST see

money as debt

you can also find it on youtorrent

here is the link to Paul Grignon's site where you can either buy the original in full glory or donate (& support the production of his new feature while you are at it) link

honestly - I know - 47 minutes, that's why it took me a few weeks to get around to getting through the whole thing myself, but really you DO need to sit through it and take it in, it's a breathtaking thesis (on a par with the storyline of 'the matrix' - as realisations that 'you might not be living in the world you thought you were' go)

even if it's only one perspective/story, and there were other ways of reading the same facts & other potential reform solutions...
1. it's an incredibly compelling argument against not only economic growth but the banking system we have now
2. it's pretty timely too, gives a lot of perspective on why we have a credit crisis
3. despite basic production values it's a great example of explaining something complex

I'm meeting a green economics author & government advisor tomorrow, I will have to ask him how much of this is held to be *true* in professional circles :J

ps there is loads of further reading and support for this view over at United Diversity - Joseph calls it one of the most important films ever made

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