Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Doing the Greens Thing

I am loving the latest video from dothegreenthing. Besides its evident charms as a piece of film, I am loving the strategy. I was vegetarian for 12 years. i now eat meat. I hadn't considered the all the daily choices that I make inbetween these positions.

As a direct result of seeing this film and thinking about what they were saying I actually skipped the meat option at lunch today going for a cheese sandwich instead. And I told the person I was meeting all about it too.

It's one of those ideas that opens a new middle way up in front of us. Once there was only running and walking. Then someone (Bill Bowerman, the Nike co-founder in fact) invented jogging.

Declaration of interest; I am friends with the dothegreenthing founders. Still I don't think there is much bias in my saying that in my view this is by far their best film/idea/green thing to date. Watch it. Blog it. Do it. :J

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John Grant said...

it seems to be working, managed to do the green thing and skip the meat most meals this week, it's actually a really nice thing to choose veggie options that way, rather that thinking of yourself as a veggie