Thursday, 27 March 2008


Can anyone explain these ads to me?

I know they are corporate/fashion ads, that they feature a microcredit scheme, that they are positive images of African self-sufficiency, and that Benetton donated some money to the microcredit scheme itself. I have always loved their more provocative political advertising. And standing in front of this poster, I instinctively liked it too because it is an image of human dignity (albeit via the lens of human beauty) but I find it enigmatic. What do they want me to do?

I already tend to think of them as a nice company - although now they've raised it I dont REALLY know that because they dont seem to report on social responsibility, despite their CEO saying publically that 'it's important'. When I searched I also found an article about the Benetton family who are the biggest landowner in Argentina kicking indigenous people off farm land in Patagonia. Which didn't sound nearly so much like 'supporting and promoting' the dignity, prospects and rights of people in the developing world. Also they themselves got kicked off FTSE for good in 2004 for 'ceasing to meet the criteria'.

Yes I know it's fashion advertising. Perhaps from that view it doesnt have to make sense. It's art. Or something. I do like this being featured in advertising anyway, in the public view, celebrated. I just don't really know why Benetton, nor what it 'is for'.

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