Thursday, 21 February 2008

Six Degrees Documentary Sunday

Here's the info I was sent on this, it looks really good anyway:

Mark Lynas’ webchat: 24th Feb – 9-9.30pm. Submit questions for Mark from now right up until after the programme, and see him answer them live webchat here.

· Competition: To celebrate the documentary, The National Geographic Channel are also giving away a Wind Up Eco player (as featured on this blog in fact) Everyone who submits a question for the webchat has the chance to win one of these players!

· UK premiere: Six Degrees Could Change the World, 24TH February at 7pm

· About: National Geographic ‘s new environmental documentary is based on Mark Lynas’ book Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet. Six Degrees takes a journey into a possible future for our planet, witnessing a rise from one through six degrees over the next hundred years. Filmed on five continents with some of the world’s top climate researchers, journey from Greenland’s rapidly-melting ice sheet to bleaching coral reefs along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, from fast-eroding Himalayan glaciers that feed the Ganges River to drought-afflicted Amazon rain forests, witnessing first-hand the varied nature of global warming.

Video clips below, the frame doesnt quite fit the blog, but it still seems to play okay

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John Grant said...

I saw part of this its a huge documentary, almost like the whole book with reportage from some of the wildest spaces on earth

It's interesting though, not sure the nature documentary side of it (one day this beautiful reef will be gone) pulled in the same emotional direction as the 1-6 degrees dispassionate analysis? It's just so hard looking at what's really there and imagine it not being there any more.

Need to watch the whole thing anyway, hopefully now its 'premiered' it will be on rotation