Sunday, 9 December 2007

Yet more essential reading

HSBC climate confidence report

It's yet another thought provoking and incredibly important survey of international attitudes and behaviour in relation to climate change. The key stat as far as the UK goes is that only 6% of us believe that climate change will be successfully tackled. The mood of fatalism could be paralysing. Let's put creating HOPE on the to-do list for 08!


Asi said...


Hope is incredibly important but reading the papers today I felt that all the efforts can go down the drain because governments, apparently, don't give enough shit about it.

For the lay person who reads the paper and see that almost non of the countries are actually following/meeting the targets the conclusion can easily be - well, I'm doing my best but it seems that my government don't take this thing seriously so why should I bother?

Politicians need a serious kick in the arse...


simon said...

Hi John,

Do you recall I was going to take a course at Schumacher College for Ethical Pioneers? Course now successfully completed and very interesting. Lots of start-ups, development of existing business into more sustainable entities from UK,NZ,Brazil,Greece plus others.We looked at not only specific businesses people are considering or already doing, but at strategies for a new pioneer,networking, Transition Towns,ethical funding,co-ops v VC's etc all around a radical 'get out there and change the world'together,connected small units etc agenda. Lots of case studies; Terra Plana,Carbonsense lectured, lots of conceptual and ecology stuff too
(plus Mongolian throat singing!)
Hard to summarise here...if your interested in hearing more,any other way of chatting?


John Grant said...

Hi Asi, yes i hear you maybe we should start a PWA (planners with attitude) activist offshoot from PFG.

Hi Simon, sounds amazing, lets chat - having been block booked since late August I am now heading for a pretty relaxed run up to xmas


simon nevin said...

It was quite amazing.I think the problem is how do the eco-intelligentsia (like radical teaching establishments like Schumacher) get their message out to business,the mass market,working people? How do you communicate the impact of climate change, the inevitability of a low-carbon economy to the non-academic world -without getting suspicious looks, eco-fatigue and/or scaring them? I think we need to develop the right kind of language/buzzwords/ etc

I work in London alot if you have time for a sound like the busiest man.

my number is:
01494 817 999 (slighly comic last 3 digits!)