Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Fresh Business Thinking

I just wrote a series of articles for Fresh Business Thinking, the online resource and email newsletter for entrepreneurial small businesses.

Their special report came out today and if you are interested you can read it here.

FBT is as the title says a great source of fresh business thinking and its free so if you do run a small business of your own do consider subscribing too! The articles I wrote were on the following (deliberately practical) subjects:
Green Marketing For Mainstream Businesses
Marketing For Green Businesses
Green Start Ups
What Might A Recession Mean For Green Businesses?

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colwyn said...

Hi John, we are a recently set up green/ethical planning partnership www.greenskythinking.co.uk. In addition to our planning service we also have some interesting research products in the pipeline which I'd love to bounce off you if you have a mo, also some thoughts on alternative economies and bartering of services. P.S. new to blogging - a gold mine!