Sunday, 25 November 2007

Observer Green Business Guide

Very interesting and comprehensive survey of the current green business scene in today's Observer. Unfortunately it doesnt (as an Eon sponsored supplement) seem to have made the online edition - if it doesnt do so by later in the week I will note a few key points and quotes because there is tons of good stuff in here. Also on p12 I was interviewed by Lucy Siegle for her piece on some of the smaller green businesses on the UK high street (& the book was mentioned too) which was nice.


carrina said...

Hey John,

Here is the "snappy" url for the online version of yesterdays supplement.


John Grant said...

thanks carrina

mostly for my own benfit in case i ever need to refind it the actual article I was quoted in is this one,,2217319,00.html

and all the other stories from this (most excellent) supplement are now loaded on, dated 26th in guardian unlimited/business (green) - the interview with Jeremy Leggett for instance is brilliant stuff