Thursday, 25 October 2007

Upcoming events

The book is out on monday, finally
order your copy here
- Tonight am I in manchester for events with TBWA tonight and the IPA tomorrow morning
- Tomorrow night I am at the green awards giving out some free signed copies. These are the very first copies I will get my hands on, will be sending some on of course with thanks to those that helped with drafting the book.
- Next weds morning am speaking at IPC green research events (a few places available - email for details)
- And my book launch party is now planned for the night of the 8th in central london, some of you will be already getting invites in the next day or so, but for those regular readers I dont yet know, please do drop me a mail at THEJOHNGRANT(AT)BTINTERNET(DOT)COM if you would like to come along and are free that night.

So one way or another hope to see some of you soon!



erin said...

The site is f'n awesome John. I love the videos, the creativity, the feel, the simplicity: love it all.

Excited to watch green take off in London > so forward you are. America's size is an impediment; the movements here need to get together and celebrate the community that IS prevalent instead of being Debbie Downers about the slow rate at which is grows.

Good luck at the book release. I wish I was in London so I could come get a signed copy. I would dress in bright green like the icon guy you have. Is that what you'll be for Halloween?

John Grant said...

Thx Erin, cant tackle the size of America issue but I can at least get you a book; do email me an address and I'll send you out a signed copy :J

Freya said...

John, So exciting, many congrats. Hope it goes well. Did you see this in the Guardian today?,,-7030612,00.html

Sounds like a job for JG if you ask me...

Cheers, Freya.

John Grant said...

Thanks Freya, I think I'll be posting on that soon it's a really interesting report of the current state of play (it's better than the results before but they are focusing on the negative eg 'nearly a fifth believe the changes they make wont have any effect' (an improvement on before where for instance data from guardian research shows that being around 26%)

Also need to drop you an email re posting some signed copies out to you to say thank you for all the help at drafting stage, if you see this first pls do email me your snail mail address :J

Gavin Heaton said...

Best of luck with the book, John.

Just saw this today and thought of you. Hope it is more than talk.