Thursday, 4 October 2007

Do everyone a favour

...and sign up at

Declaration of interest, one of the guys who founded this (Naresh) worked with me for years & was best man at my wedding, which arguably is hardly going to make this an unbiased review, but dont let that put you off it's a brilliant idea and there's already lots of lovely videos & stuff to view there & more importantly do there :J


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if some of the Christmas thoughts we talked about here earlier in the year might work for dothegreenthing?

Specifically, the idea of providing fun non-consumer gift ideas/templates as downloadable PDF's? 'the best blow job you ever had' or 'slave for a day'

The other thing was the idea of having some sort of forum were people could exchange gift services.

What do you think?

Nathan Schock said...

That is cool. I'm signed up.