Wednesday, 2 May 2007

We're in this Together

Huge launch of a new initaitive from the Climate Group.

Working with partner marketing green schemes from a who's who of CSR inclined corporates:

- B&Q home insulation price cuts/support
- Barclaycard Breathe 50% profits to carbon reduction projects
- British gas free home energy audits
- M&S encourage customers to wash at 30
- O2 £100 credit if they keep the old handset when renewing contract
- MoreThan eco-insurance and discoubnts for eco friendly cars
- Sky announces its long awaited no power stanmdby feature
- Tesco half price energy efficient bulbs

There's also a site where individuals join up and pledge actions

And they will track the cumulative impact of the solutions adding up to a shared group target.

We can get into the details later. First of all lets just stand back and applaud the scale and spirit of this as a set of well-meaning corporates getting behind climate change together. They also say this is only the start.

I'm so glad this happened in time to make the book :J

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John Grant said...

treehugger report

original story from the Guardian,,2064166,00.html

a funny postscript (if you know the history of me and the ad 'profession') is that I actually found out about this initiative from an ad on the back of today's guardian