Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A thing of beauty

For those who have been following the book swapping strand (okay maybe it's just Karen & me), this is everything we were dreaming of treehugger full story

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Libby Davy said...

This reminds me of a recurrent idea. When I visit people's houses, and they come to mine, I want to get to know them better by browsing through their books and CD collection, talking about what we have loved and enjoyed, been inspired by, sharing them too. But when we decided to declutter our life (and moved city, house and country) we wanted to lighten the load and set them all free into the wild. And the music is all going onto the computer etc. So I want an easy way to display the books I have read / music I have loved and let go as a graphic art thing in my hallway. Some thing there. How do we solve this? We are missing out on deep ways to connect here. ACtually call me a total geek, but I eventually want to press the spine of the image book/cd and have it sent to my home, or details downloaded to portable device. Or maybe I just want to sit in the sun with a cat and a nice book.