Thursday, 31 May 2007

Spellchecking Madness

Just spell checking the book draft for the first (and last time) today. What a bore.

It's a useful process for catching random typos, but I find I disagree with it on grammar and syntax half the time

It doesnt have a great vocabulary, here are some it didnt recognise; accustomise, aspirational, astroturf, bling, blog, blogger, boho, cashpoint, commodify, compostible, courgette, cul de sac, Digg, disembedded, dystopia, dumbing down, ephemerality, faffing, fairtrade, fetishise, foodie, freesheet, glycemic, GPS, greenwash, Halal, hoover, hypochlorite, imitability, indie, iPod, jokey, judgement, marque, mods, mythos, ownable, pedestrianised, plateaued, pledger, podcast, poo, refinding, refusenik, reinjected, resynthesis, scapegoating, smoothies, sparky, spritzer, stockbroking, supercar, tantric, texted, undyed, unprettified, Warcraft, wholemeal, wi-fi and Wiki

Yet it also occasionally offers me Ali-G style uses of the word 'is' (when it should be 'are') and does (when it should be 'do') eg it tried to get me to use "people already does a fair amount"

Also (interestingly as a Microsoft product) it doesnt recognise the word Google, although it does recognise most company names :J

ps using Google to spellcheck on the other hand seems to work really well

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