Saturday, 19 May 2007

Name for My Business

I think when the book is done I'd quite like to give my company a name (it's currently called 'thejohngrant' as that was my email at the time I had to give a name to the bank for my chequebook). I'm open to suggestions as naming strands seem to be popular blog fodder and you're a very creative bunch to tap for free advice and ideas.

But the one I wanted to bounce off you good people was


It's a typo I found in my book, but I quite like it for the dub reggae/having a stance thing.

Plus I like typos they are sort of childish.

And the reggae/dub industry in Jamaica is a brilliant story of a DIY self-reliant approach leading to a new aesthetic. I see the graphic style/tonality being like this album art. Which appeals because there are no plants, penguins or other green cliches.

I am historically fairly bad at naming things if I am involved in them, mind. Except that I do think being party to the decision to call my son Cosmo worked out okay.

GREENORMAL could be a candidate too.

BORN AGAIN is one other thought which actually stems from the St Luke's days when it was a potential spin off.

Thoughts, comments etc.


pooR_Planner said...

Are you open to Sanskrit names? Something like Ananda (Happiness) ... Moksha (Nirvana)etc. Maybe Greenish Inc ?

John Grant said...

Hi Roop

I like sanskrit names yes

I read enough ranslations in my hippy/yoga/vegetarian teenage years to have a feeling for these sorts of words

Nirvana is a particularly strong one, although mostly because of the American band whose lead singer committed suicide mind you

Unfortunately these names are also popular with the many Indian software entrepreneurs in the US ( has been registered since 1995)

Whereas is actually free to register, but maybe it is a name no-one would ever want to register ;)

What is sanskrit for 'green' (in the sense of plants, rather than only the colour) as a matter of interest?

Charles Frith said...

I've been tagging all mystuff on delicious and elsewhere greenormal now. It's got a few hundred returns on google already around the world. It's just a name. But its a good one.

pooR_Planner said...

Lol..I was not referring to Kurt Cobain of Nirvana but the word Moksha.

Green in Sanskrit is Harith (herbs or greenery)

A literal translation of Greenormal in Sanskrit would be Chira Harith. Derived from a Mango Tree which never sheds its leaves to become bare naked. It means Chira (Eternal) Harith (Green) Briksha (Tree). But I guess it'll be too complicated for your audience to understand it. Anyway, my thinking cap is on, will try to find a suitable word and keep you posted.

Charles Frith said...

Couple of suggestions from the household here.

Normal Green.
Green Feels (Percy Thrower porn?)
We are green
The Olive Branch
Grass is Greener
Greener House

Piers Fawkes said...


everyone is already using it, it's not your choice anymore.... :)

John Grant said...


(but I just made it up a few months ago & my company name is a letterhead level issue, mostly :J