Friday, 25 May 2007

MSN Going Green?

I've been told that Microsft's MSN, along with Yahoo and AOL will all be fighting to be the home of green content on the web over the next year. Yahoo just launched their green portal. MSN hosted the download of the Madonna single & all I bet have big plans up their sleeves.

But then MSN go and publish this in their money section: article by John Markman, 26/4

"Greed is still better than 'green'
People, people. By all means, care about the earth, but invest in the real world and make money. Here are 15 great stocks in dirty businesses like coal and mining that make the world run. Now that we've got all the pious Earth Day documentaries, photo essays and public service announcements out of the way, it's time to get back to business. And that means we need to talk about investing for the real world as it exists today, not as it might on some far-off date when all our modern conveniences are powered by love beads, sunshine and sugar beets rather than good old-fashioned oil, gas and coal. My colleague Jim "Moonbeam" Jubak provided a fluffy-clouds-and-rainbows portfolio for environmental dreamers last week, which was great if you have a "Gore 2008" bumper sticker on your Prius. For everyone else, I'd like to return attention to the companies that provide the motive force behind the electronics, vehicles and water heaters that have lifted us above the darkness and despair of the Middle Ages -- and I don't just mean the '70s."

Its not the advice he is giving, for all I know maybe dirty stocks are good picks if you dont care about ethical investing. I've heard that arms is quite a good business too. It's the tone which is gratuitously offensive (entertaining in some quarters no doubt, but so are racist jokes). I think their csr department/head of strategy should have a chat with this journalist, preferably while holding their ankles as they hang out of the window. That is if they ever want to benfit from the new wave of green advertising? :J

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