Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Green Marketing Manifesto it Is

It's tempting to go to a french style second round of voting, but its looking pretty conclusively ahead (and the situation was that my publisher really liked it and would need some convincing to change it). I will give the subtitle more consideration to ensure it broadens the definition of 'green' to include sustainability etc.

The results, as of tonight
Green Marketing Manifesto 32% (71 votes)
Beautiful Coincidences 21% (47 votes)
Radical Common Sense 14% (31 votes)
Ecologic 12% (26 votes)
others (60 votes)

Thanks incredibly much to everyone who took part. It's been really interesting to watch the wisdom of crowds effect in action, as these percentages settled & found their eventual levels.


Freya said...

Hi John, just fyi I went for GMM because that is exactly what i am looking for - a GMM - so I would buy it. The more conceptual titles are interesting too but I think you need to read the book to get them. Good luck...

Al said...

any chance you could the links to all the chapters available online...wanted to read but lost track of where they are...

Kevin said...

sorry to have missed the vote - how about another vote on the subtitle?

and chapters online would be fab

John Grant said...

anyone who wants a read of the latest draft do email me at


I took the old sections down because they have all been re-written but happy to share the latest version, especially if people want to comment in time for my deadline for the final version end May

when you email do say who you are (if I dont know you already) so I know who its going to :J