Thursday, 3 May 2007

Book Name Vote

Below is a little voting widget.You can pick multiple titles if you like several of them equally. The author & publisher will have final say but this is very helpful input (assuming we get a decent sized sample so please do blog this and chivy others). I've put my own longlist on here to start with. The full title and subtitle for each is listed further down the post. The widget also allows you to add ones of your own. If you want to say what your subtitle would be or to qualify your votes (eg I like XXX but would change the subtitle to YYY) then do add a comment.

Please try to approach this exercise fresh - as a reader of this sort of book rather than an 'expert' on names - what would grab you most in the bookshop & give it both credibility and the 'must read' factor?

Here's the full list of my original set, with a subtitle for each

Ethical, Environmental and Effective

How Marketing & Sustainability Can Work Together

Turning Sustainability into Common Sense

How Marketing & Sustainability are Transforming Each Other

The Key Strategies for Success with Sustainability

Strategies for Successful & Sustainable Marketing

Making Sense of Sustainable Marketing

Redefining marketing for the sustainability age


nuria said...

John, beware of the order you present the titles. Could the system present them in a random way for every respondent? You have few votes but it's easy to see the effect of presentation, don't you think?

John Grant said...

very good point, although those were two popular ones with the people debating this thus far

I've added a randomiser and also another one which quite a few people liked (Gareth K's suggestion)

sidekick said...

i voted for 'beautiful coincidences' because getting across the idea that this could be valuable is really important. too much stick and not enough carrot makes brands a bad boy

sidekick said...

how do i email you by the way? can't find any it anywhere. i'm helping out at a fledgling company called 2CV Carbon (you've probably heard of 2CV the research agency) and we're doing some research in this area, which might be good for your book. contact us adil at sidekickstory dot com. please.

Dino said...

done. one is a clear favourite.

i heard a title of another book on the same topic that was just released, and i kind of liked it: eco-holic.

but that's just me.

john dodds said...

How Marketing & Sustainability Can Work Together

See what I did there?

John Grant said...

Yes JD, you are putting together a coalition! Let's see what happens when all the votes are counted though, I'm going to leave the vote open until tuesday. Bon weekend ;J

Ruby Pseudo said...

RADICAL COMMON SENSE caught my vote because it seems so thoroughly oxymoronic. Oxymorons always make you think more and get your brain asking more questions than it may otherwise have done. Yum.

Iain said...

As an author and buyer, Radical Common Sense has pick-upability, though your business sales person will say something lke 'ooh, it't not very businessy is it?' Duff them with blunt object. Sub title: how marketing could sustain itself. How marketing might just survive?

Nick said...

i liked the green marketing manifesto because, pedantically, i'm becoming a little snowblind with all the cryptic, sidelong titles racked up in my local waterstone's. and the subject matter of this book is quite a pull in itself...