Monday, 28 May 2007

Big Brother; now it's for Charity

After all the furore over last years telephone voting and assorted cockups (eg a number on screen given as the number to save Shilpa, while the voice-over said, "to evict...") plus the problems with racism & general controversy about whether it should continue at all... Big Brother which starts again wednesday (and havent they kept their heads down this year in pre-publicity terms?) is halving the cost of the calls, then charging 15p for 'admin', while giving 10p to charity.

According to the charity blogger that may mean £1.5 million split between three causes: Shelter, Teenage Cancer Trust and a 3rd picked by the winning housemate.

Why the first two? According to Robert Marsh, Head of Commissioning & Producer Relations, Channel 4 New Media: "Shelter does valuable work in the area of homelessness, and campaigning work for everyone's right to have a decent home. We felt that there were synergies with Big Brother and, specifically, the concept of the Big Brother House and Housemates enclosed in an extreme environment. Cancer it is the most common cause of non-accidental death of young people in the UK, Big Brother's core audience. We chose this charity because we felt that the cause may have a resonance with this audience."

Vote for the green contestant (there's bound to be one)?

Seriously, shall we do an circular email viral campaign?



Charles Frith said...

If theres a green charity. Yep. Let's do it.

John Grant said...

okay, now we have to watch it

(I knew I'd find an excuse, and the 'zeitgeist' one is wearing thin)

but I'm serious, there is bound to be a 'green', they cast this show in such stereotyped terms


John Grant said...

It's looking a bit tenuous

Carol was at Greenham common
& has been on anti-war protests

Maybe we've got to hope for an ecosexual bloke