Monday, 14 May 2007

Better Yahoo

Yahoo already had some nice green credentials. It did the 18secs (how long it takes to change a lightbulb) campaign. It is also home to Freecycle, a little Yahoo group with over 3 million members. And now it is aiming to be the home of all things green on the web. It has launched its Yahoo? Green site which among other things features blogging by Amory Lovins (author of Natural Capitalism). And it has launched a competition to find the greennest city in the USA based on how many people signing up to about 30 pledges in different locations. Winning city will get a fleet of hybrid taxis and each particpant gets a free CFL light bulb. They launched this initiative yesterday in Times Square, alongside Global Green & an obligatory Hollywood star (Matt Dillon)

via Grist

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