Saturday, 12 May 2007

APG talk tuesday Night (15th)

I'm going to be taking the opportunity of a stage, a microphone and a room full of planners to talk through some of the key themes from the book, details on apg site. Hopefully there will be a lively debate in the session & also a lively session in the pub afterwards. It's an 'all welcome' event but any probs on the door, do mention me/the blog :J

ps cartoon from the ever excellent gaping void/Hugh McLoed of Stormhoek fame. In return I promise to buy a bottle of Stormhoek at the next opportunity, god knows I've used the brand enough times as an example in conference presentations!


john dodds said...

All welcome as in free admission? The website is particularly opaque about this.

John Grant said...

I assume free, but you're right it doesnt say. You can be my +1 if not! :J