Wednesday, 16 May 2007

APG Presentation on Green Marketing

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If anyone from last night wants to contact me its: THEJOHNGRANT(AT)BTINTERNET(DOT)COM


Jon Howard (Living Brands) said...

Hi John. Very good. And mostly very clear just from the charts. But do you mind if I ask a couple of questions as I wasn't there.

What's '-2/3' ?

In section 2: were you using BP and Yahoo as examples of people who were doing the right thing?

In section 3: I know bio diesel arguably has more green downside in terms of biodiversity than upsides in terms of emmisions. And the non-green green bag has been well documented. But what points were you making with Ford and Eurostar?

Oh, and I like your grid.



John Grant said...

Thx John

-2/3 is we need to each reduce our impact by two thirds (from 3 planets to one planet, 70% less emissions etc.)

BP; I talked about them doing the right thing as a company (their 'hunt for carbon' in the late 1990s plus genuine commitment to seeing the problem & moving ahead of others & the stanford speech as a ref point for all that - but consumerisming this into a simplistic headline caused a backlash; 'beyond petroelum' being like selling one lettuce and calling yourself 'the vegetarian butchers'

Ford relied on offsets for that promotion, Eurostar was widely praised by FOE etc. for tackling actual emissions reduction first

Glad you like the grid, it's the structure of the whole book :J

ps there is also a podcast of the talk coming at APG site. Worth listening to from a comedy pov for just for the bit at the opening where I forget what the word for 'economy' is! (it had been a long couple of days of late night editing)

Asi said...

Hi John,

was really great meeting you yesterday.

great talk.

looking forward to read the draft.



Gail said...

Hi John

Great talk last night, I also agree that the grid gives a great structure to what feels like a lot of fumbling in the dark when it comes to what works and what doesn't.

One thing that struck me was that consumers expect brands to make a 100% commitment in order to claim to be green, (otherwise they are exposed as a hypocrite), however the consumers themselves (over 60% of them) are claiming to be a shade of green without the full commitment they expect from their brands. Do you think there is an argument for something being better than nothing in terms of brand action?

On another note you mentioned at the end of your talk that your book was available online, could you just direct me to the right link, as I can't seem to find it!



Gail Delderfield - Flamingo International (Research)

John Grant said...

The next book draft will be ready in the the next few days (it's a bit in bits and pieces right now, but its moved a long way from the last full draft) :J

kevin said...

great talk John

thinking about emotional and rational responses to 'the whole green thing' ... what do you think has been most effective in mobilising (real) people to change behaviour?

more about this on

I also missed the Eurostar point, what model of green comms are they?