Thursday, 26 April 2007


Futerra have launched a new scheme of clothes swapping parties for girls. Beautiful website, intriguiging concept. Will be intersting to see how it takes off. They've already had good media coverage, it seems. What I like about it is adapting an existing format (fashion, sex toy, tupperware etc parties). But instead of unsustainable shopping its about swapping. I also like that they gave it a name; the example I always use is jogging - when a new behaviour has a name it becomes something that 'people are doing' has 'talkability' & etc. Full details here

I am seeing Soli from Futerra tomorrow in a meeting about a corporate leadership, strategy, future scenarios & sustainability report (quite coincidentally - we've actually never met til now) so if anyone has burning questions do let me know :J


Charles Frith said...

Sex, drugs. Whatever next for tomorrow? Green Bono? :)

John Grant said...

I think its the book editing slog, it's like sitting in detention when everyone is out to play :J