Tuesday, 17 April 2007

'Nearly everyone recycles'

Here's the data - click on the graph to get a big easy to read version in a new window - in response to Charles' query. This graph appears early in the book but like all formatting & figs, got dropped when I put the raw text online. Okay so you can argue over claimed behaviour vs real, but recycling is near universal according to this. :J


john dodds said...

This is why research sucks! 94 % of people recycle ONCE a year. I'm not sure what the cut off number should be but I sure as hell know that somebody who recycles once a year does not recycle in any meaningful sense.

John Grant said...

it's AT LEAST once a year

I bet you a pint that over 9/10 of those who recycle once a year also recycle once a week or so!

and anyway it still supports the point that 'nearly everyone recycles'


john dodds said...

You may be right, but it would have been more transparent if they'd asked do you recycle once a week. Asking if you recycle at least once a year smacks of a loaded question to me.

John Grant said...

fair point