Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Green Etiquette

Random green marketing thought for the day....

A powerful way of shaping behaviour is codes of etiquette. The ancient chinese concept of 'ren', knightly chivalry, the idea of gentlemanly behaviour, 'TheRules' of dating... and the current bestseller 'Send: The How, Why, When - and When Not - of E-Mail' review here

What if there was a green etiquette guide?

How would it be framed? For instance would it take as its starting point the ecosexual identity defined by Wired as " A person who's into hybrid cars, low energy lightbulbs, and recycling. Now that environmentalism is hot, ecosexuals are getting increasingly fashionable."

And what would be the smart angles for observances and good habits? A kind of best practise guide from treehuggers turned into a social and personal lifestyle code. I actually dont think the ancient chinese idea of ren is far off in its ideal of mindful living; one of the earliest incarnations of the idea of 'doing to others as you would have done to you'. A better version for green though would be to constantly ask the question; 'if everyone did it would it be a good thing?'

Any thoughts? Suggestions here; if there are enough good ones let's just publish it as a wiki or similar :J

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