Monday, 24 August 2009

Co-opportunity: What's the best subtitle?

We're stuck - having agreed the title six months ago my publisher & I cant quite decide which subtitle to go with. So here's a poll to help us decide. Please vote on your favourite subtitle or add a suggestion of your own. Of course it could help if you know what the book is about - samples for download and blogposts on this at PSFK who are hosting my draft for comments. But Wiley & I are interested in what grabs you - what would have a 'must read' factor - so feel free to vote on gut feel too :J

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ps do note any 'other' suggestions and comments here on the blog too (the qualitative side of the poll)


John Grant said...

comments pasted across from poll daddy site

Dan Harvey
2009-08-24 10:32:04 ET
I like "The shared path" but "to a sustainable, resilient, prosperous world" is too wordy. I prefer the wording from one of the other subtitles i.e.:
"The shared path to a better world"
"The shared path to a world fit for the future"

Lea Simpson
2009-08-24 13:17:20 ET
Hey John, I added a new one about 'an all together better world'.
I agree with Dan above, really like the sentiments but need them to be pithier.

Andrew Smart said...

I really like the 're-design life' thought you often mention. Couldn't you use this in the sub-title? For example:

Co-opportunity: How we can re-design life together.

paul macfarlane said...

Things Change For The Better
When We Choose To Get Together

Jane Langley said...

'How the world works together'

The sub title should sound practical and concise without evangelical connotations - path is a bit 'slow' sounding too.


John Grant said...

The 'other' suggestions entered so far (do say if you want to vote for one of these - or retype it in the 'other' box - if any gathers support I'll add it to the poll proper)

Togather Together Tomorrow

how the world can work together

Things Change For The Better When We Choose To Get Together

the shared path to a better world

Working together to create a better world


An all together better world

How community is creating a new economy and world order

The shared path to a world fit for the future

Anonymous said...


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paul macfarlane said...

dicaComing back to this, I offer a truncated version of mine:

getting together changes life for the better

luca said...

john, i totally agree with those comments warning you to be more practical and concrete.
no evangelical connotations. please

i will think about and let you know.

Anonymous said...

glocally particpate for a real world win

(too enigmatic, mysterious?)


follow through glocally for real world benefit


partake for the world

(with scope for creative typo emphasis for effect - infact can´t you even drop the "for")


partake in world improvement for a sustainable future


sam h said...

Hi John

Really liked your first book.

How about:

Getting to know each other again in a more sustainable world

luca said...

hi john. here we are.

redesign society for a better profit
redesign society for better profits

the "better profit" thing still does not convince me at all.