Thursday, 3 July 2008

God Bless America?

... a recent NYTimes article picked up by PSFK really puts the cherished (and according to Dick Cheney non-negotiable) american standard of living into context. In a world of food shortages, apocalyptic warnings of runaway global warming and mass extinction in respected scientific journals... American teens, already car owners are now having to stop cruising around aimlessly because the fuel is a bit pricey;

It really is a Marie Antoinette state of affairs, viewed from the outside

Given the USA's responsible for such a large part of the world's footprint, particularly per capita and without the valid excuse that China has (you put all your factories here, what do you expect?) and given they are still holding back the entire global effort (post Kyoto) how long before they get targeted in the way an Exxon or Monsanto is? The US is a very visible target; remember when we didn't buy South African goods due to apartheid?

Sorry I do realise that America is a vast and diverse society, with many positive, admirable voices and developments, much to celebrate and support and not lump in together

But we have a world to save and this does seem the obvious next way to tackle that?

I'm not the first to suggest this might come to pass eg this and this but maybe in the verge of the Copenghagen 2009 global talks its an idea whose time has come. plus today there are unprecedented means to self organise something truly global 'out of thin air'

Just thinking aloud



Charles Frith said...

Holy shit John. I hope you're not suggesting that 'here comes everyone' and the self organising nature of the internet be used to penalise money grubbing corporations.

Where do we start?

Great post.

Paul F said...

Great post there John, i was thinking along the same lines the other day.

It was not Americas stance on the environment that got me thinking however.

I was listening to people spout how bad the situation is Zimbabwe is. They were discussing what we in the western world could do came up with the idea of boycotting the countrys products, like Tesco were thinking about doing.

Don't even get me started on how wrong that is.

Anyway it got me thinking, why don't people apply the same logic and passion when dealing with the USA. As I see it Bush and the majority of the US citizens have done the real damage that is effecting everyone in the world right now.

Why not talk about not buying American products or stop dealing with American companies???

Stinks of double standards to me.............I wonder if Zimbabwe had given is McDonalds.............

Sue said...

Spot on, John. This has been at the back of my mind (I wrote a post on Starbucks today) and you have brought it into the open.

Unfortunately I am about to be totally irresponsible and fly off to Canada for 2 weeks and drive around in an RV. My righteous and hedonistic sides are getting into a right old tangle!

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