Tuesday, 27 November 2007

More warmness

Thanks to Amanda (and Piers and all at PSFK) for this. Just to complete the love-in PSFK have been pioneering on reporting eco marketing stories (making green normal is a view we share and they said it publically first) and were a great source particularly for US stuff when researching the book. It's all part of their masterplan to leave passive planning behind and change the world we live in armed only with better (social) science and cooler examples.

Thanks to Russell Davies too now I have a moment to say this in public - another green marketing pioneer as many of his blog regulars will know working with WeAreWhatWeDo and similar for many years. His whole project to get people to buy brands without the products is philosphically one of the most interesting things to hit marketing since Jean Baudrillaird c 1981.


ps I picked up tons of interesting stuff, examples,, research reports I hadnt seen etc. at the green strategy conference today and presumably there will be more of the same tomorrow at whatif? which I want to blog extensively... preferably complete with pic of me apparently deep in conversation with Al Gore (if I fail on the day there is always Madame Tussauds). If anyone local is coming down to the Ark fest do say hi.

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